Now i dont watch really watch kimmaytube, but i am familiar with the leave in & i did see that video..
as well as the video where she was showing her hair with the leave in and without and how her hair was much smoother with it.

Yes, that may be the case.. but this leave in isnt absolutely vital to the health of your hair! People are acting like that is the only thing you can use to get good results, to "close the cuticle" & whatever else.
"its all i need".. "it has changed my life!" seriously? I dont use that at all and manage to get my hair to be smooth and shiny and all else.

Knot today is a great product on its own, you can probably layer it with other things & still get great hair! Or use aloe juice with other products, like Elle says.. use it as a spritz to add an extra layer of moisture! Between my acv & cold water rinses my cuticle is sealed in my mind lol & my hair looks and feels fine!