Yeah I think the humidity has a lot to do with the DT being necessary or not. 60% is as bone dry as we get here and we maybe get 10 days a year or so seems like of that. Usually it's so humid that when I use a hard hold gel if I have any crunch stepping outside will take that out within minutes.
It also means I don't generally need a heavy conditioner.

Dang it JF no wonder I can't find that cream! Ah well one less thing for me to spend money on I guess. I hope you find a suitable substitute.

ETA: you know your green tea gel has been discontinued too. I found a place that has it but I'm afraid to try it because if I like it I'll not be able to find it again soon. It looks great in your hair though
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!