I agree with the comments above. Most days you see like 3b and up being broadcast as natural hair and good acceptable hair. Before seeing my ng, I thought I was 4b and I would always get SO mad when I would see commercials showing light skinned black women with loose curly hair. Like who the Heck is that supposed to represent? We should be represented by someone in the 4s not by biracial blacks that look more "Acceptable". After finding out my hair had a curls pattern, I liked it. My parents/family still call it nappy. Anything 3c and down is nappy in my family's eyes. And I used to get bashed all the time to the point where my self esteem was at an all time low, and I'm usually 99% of the time optimistic. No matter if your 3c 4a 4b, it's all bad hair in ignorant black folks eyes. And when you have good hair, you also get bashed. So I COMPLETLY understand where you come from.
Medium/thick/thin strands
medium fine front thick back
deep condish lutrasilk herbal
moisturize with softn nfree milk protein and olive oil[
3c/4a half and half ♥
Love my curls, kinks, coils, napps, corkscrews.
styler is ORS smooth n hold pudding♥
Transitioning ended--> forced into relaxer
If all goes well, will transition in 2012