I'm a mix of eastern and western European. Doesn't sound crazy, but Eastern Europe (Polish and Russian) mom has coarse black hair (now gray) and Western Europe (Scottish and German) dad has baby fine light brown hair, so I got both. Literally I have coarse black colored hair and fine brown hair on my head. They didn't mix into a random medium, I just have it all lol. So one styling product can't work with both types. If it's not straightened fine hair then it's coily/kinky coarse hair.

I used to flat iron my hair everyday until I saw the little coarse 3c coils poking out of my canopy, then I gave in to being curly
CG since December '09
loo-poo: Kiss My Face Everywhere Shampoo
cowash: Suave Naturals, CJ DF
rinse out: TN
leave-in: CJHBLI, CJSL, SMRC
stylers: (rotating) CJAF, CCCC, SMCS, Ecostyler, KMFUM

love oils, avocado and castor oil are my favorite

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