Hair Biography

Curl Pattern: 2b/cfiii
Texture: fine
Porosity: high
Density: thick
Elasticity: low
Characteristics: flat top/minimal root curl, very loose wave through canopy, tighter curls underneath (ringlets), damaged (color, highlights, color stripping, flat ironing)

CG/ModCG/not CG: Mod CG - low poo 2x per week

Hair ingredient likes: Aloe, maybe protein
Hair ingredient dislikes: None yet

Hard/Soft Water: Soft

HG/Go-to Products: Still experimenting, but liking Renpure "My Pretty Hair is Parched" poo/conditioner, LAL Mega Mega Hold gel, Ecostyler Krystal, FOTE Aloe

Average climate/dew points: average humidity, 33-55

Fall/Winter combos: n/a
Spring/Summer combos: n/a

Favorite styling techniques and why: Comb in shower while conditioning, Ecostyler Krystal straight out of the shower, scrunch with t-shirt, apply LAL gel, scrunch with t-shirt again, clip roots, diffuse, SOTC

Techniques that didnít work and why: Plopping - curls go haywire in shape

Hair Twins: None yet!
2b-ish, medium texture, very dense, low elasticity, light damage
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coconut
Low Poo: DevaCurl Low-Poo 2-3x/week
Routine: condition, comb, rinse, BRHG, clip, diffuse
Does not like: Plopping, heavy products

Back on the CG wagon - 5/20/12