i agree with the sealing.. my new love is Castor Oil! I cant get jiggy with butters on the length of my hair (they weigh me down & leave me greasy) but i can do oils (wierd)! I have fine porous hair and i mainly do braidouts.. i always start out with moisturized hair but as the day goes on it dries out.. which means i usually have to rewet & rebraid every night even if my hair still looks good.

EVERY day last week I was able to keep my hair moisturized and soft all day, what? I recently got some Hairveda Cocasta oil (castor based) and all i used was that over my leave in and braided & my hair came out good every day! Im pretty sure that was the key to keeping in the moisture.

& yes, i apply it to the entire length of my hair.. like I said my hair is fine, it wasnt greasy.. just soft. Which is suprising because castor is THICK!