I agree with every poster so far. I have 4b hair and really wish this forum was used as much as the 4a forum. On another note I don't think we are the only 4ber's on this site, there are alot more but because of the negative way 4b hair is viewed many don't wish to identify their hair such.
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This is correct.

I'm sure there are tons of 4bs that identify with 4a because they are in DENIAL. Despite all the mixing that has occurred in this country, most African Americans are brown or black with hair in the 4s. And that is a BEAUTIFUL legacy. I am a Dominican - considered "mixed" and with "good hair" (by some, 3b/c), but I identify myself as black to the utter surprise of many Dominicans. It's pathetic really, I have been told by my Dominican counterparts that, "you're not black girl, you are more indian, you have thin features and good hair". People do ANYTHING to distance themselves from their African heritage. Although there have been positive changes and this site is proof that many women are accpeting and loving their heritage more and more.