Add me to this list. I alternate wearing my hair natural and relaxed getting really short haircuts usually in summer. The last time I bc'd was 7 years ago. I was looking forward to this bc because of all the new techniques and wonderful products even though I knew I have no curl pattern. And of course, it's been very sobering to accept that these wonderful new products are not going give me the desired effect of some curls.

I go to the 4a forum because it's busier. But I also visit any forum with hair tips because when it comes to conditioning hair is hair. I've gotten some great tips from caucasian forums, especially when my hair is relaxed. And before all these natural products hit the market, I use to deep condition with Rene Furterer's Karite back in the 80/90s when shea butter was just being discovered by the hair industry.

I definitely agree that women with my hair texture tend not to go natural. What's sad about that for me is the lack of hair tips, which is why I go to other forums. So those of us who do are really on our own.

I have yet to see my hair twin. My hair is extremely coarse and wiry, like steel wool, even when moisturized. I once went for a consultation because I wanted locs and learned that my hair would not loc naturally and would have to be trained. My husband on the other hand, all he has to do is not comb his hair and it will loc naturally. Because my hair is so dense and at that time so thick, I elected not to do it because it was just too much of a hassle.

I'm 4 weeks into this bc, no cones, no heat. But truthfully, my hair loves heat. It also responds to conditioner and does not knot up on the ends as it grows. But the shrinkage is unreal. But I love wearing my hair short and natural in the summer. To me it looks great.