My recommendation for you are products available from Sally's Beauty Supply. The line is Silk Elements and the products are wonderful!

The Heat Protection Spray can be used on damp hair before blow-drying. Also, it can be used on dry hair prior to flat ironing. This product contains no alcohol and your hair is left smooth and shiny. You will see the difference immediately after using it. When you initially use the spray, mist lightly on your hair. You will then be able to gauge if you need to apply more.

Silk Elements has a gloss that I use daily. I apply the gloss mid-strands to the ends since that is the oldest part of hair. Since using these products, I have received a lot of complements on the look and shine of my hair. In the past I have used products which include REDKEN, KMS, and CHI. By far, the Silk Elements line is the best fit for my hair.

I hope this helps you and I'd love to here about your results!