I went to a Yugoslavian hairdresser who told me that to make the hair coming from the crown of my head stand out more (since usually only the hair on the sides of my head does so) she'd be giving me a "rbalreiauvazzh" cut. "A what?" I asked. "A rbioaer893azzh. It's French for 'wild hair.'"

Now, I know my French, so I understood that the last two syllables had been "sauvage," which means "wild" (as in "natural" or "primitive").

But that first word, which seemed to start with some sort of R, but might not have, because the second time it seemed not to, was completely unintelligible to me. It seemed to only be 1 syllable, so it wasn't "cheveux," the word for hair, or even "cheveau," the word for "strand of hair."

Are there any hairdressers here? People who can ask around? What is this "_______ sauvage" cut actually called? I'd like to look it up on Google and find out more about it! (Since it turned out not looking good at all on me and making my curls go straight in 2 days instead of 4.)
2A. Total, dejected 2A.
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