You know, reading some of the issues on this post brings to mind a thread I started a week or two ago about 3’s being the true curly hair. There was so much blowback from the post you would think I was discussing 9-11 or something of that magnitude.
Anyhow, I think it is interesting that some of you gals mentioned not being able to relate to terms like curl formation and that sort of thing and that speaks DIRECTLY to my point on that post. I think calling everyone curly can be a problem….Because everyone is NOT curly. Some are straight, some are wavy, some are curly and some are kinky. Of course we know that wavy and kinky are forms of curl, but nevertheless the hair’s properties are quite different. I feel that a lot of women of color now want to erroneously identify with curly because it makes them feel better. And that should not be the purpose of going natural. Going natural should be about accepting your hair AS IT IS and making an honest assessment of it. There is some escapism, I feel, in using the term curly as an umbrella term. Wavy hair has its own characteristics and they are different than curly. Kinky hair has its very own beautiful personality and it is different than curly hair. In any case, I think you 4b ladies should be proud of hell of what you have – I have seen some GORGEOUS heads of 4b and mouth-dropping fros – when hair is nourished properly. And what about dreads and twists? I have seen some beautiful manes….