I agree with every poster so far. I have 4b hair and really wish this forum was used as much as the 4a forum. On another note I don't think we are the only 4ber's on this site, there are alot more but because of the negative way 4b hair is viewed many don't wish to identify their hair such.
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This makes a lot of sense, but I think it's a bit tricky because it's more covert negativity directed toward it than anything. No one says "ugh, 4b hair is so awful and anyone who has it is ugly and low class", but more so "4b hair is as dry as the sahara desert and it can't do any of the cool things that 4a and below can. This hair is fuzzy and unmanageable...but if you have it you should love it anyway!" Sort of like a you-were-born-with-something-awful-but-love-yourself thing.

I agree with dearheart and the others about posting in 4a because of the chance of getting a response is greater.
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I am 4b also, but thought at one point that I was 4a. It could be that people are 'misdiagnosing' their curls like I did. It was kinda hard to understand the curl thing without seeing an actual head in front of me (pics aren't always easy to see). I'm learning to love the hair that I was created with, regardless of curls or the lack there of. I actually have spirals, but they are soooo tiny, they get lost in manipulation when I'm doing my hair! And as for combating dryness and such, I've done LOTS of reading from a few boards! My friends can't believe how soft and manageable my hair is! Frequent washing/Cowashing, DC,leave-ins and moisturizers are gold!!
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My hair sounds a lot like yours. Reading the boards helped me a lot, but I still can't really find anything that really moisturizes my hair. It's an ongoing journey, but I wouldn't turn back for the world.

this is the main reason I dont care for typing
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I swear, it's like a caste system sometimes.

I find myself wondering where they are, too. :/ Especially when it comes to youtube - A lot of the women who do tutorials and videos for 4b hair quite obviously have 4a hair!
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Exactly! I've noticed that too. Although there are only a few 4b's who do tutorials, some helpful ones are mwedzi (looooove her hair) and sera2544.

This is correct.

I'm sure there are tons of 4bs that identify with 4a because they are in DENIAL. Despite all the mixing that has occurred in this country, most African Americans are brown or black with hair in the 4s. And that is a BEAUTIFUL legacy. I am a Dominican - considered "mixed" and with "good hair" (by some, 3b/c), but I identify myself as black to the utter surprise of many Dominicans. It's pathetic really, I have been told by my Dominican counterparts that, "you're not black girl, you are more indian, you have thin features and good hair". People do ANYTHING to distance themselves from their African heritage. Although there have been positive changes and this site is proof that many women are accpeting and loving their heritage more and more.
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This right here is 100% truth. It's no surprise when everyone and their mother swear up and down that they are .0001% cherokee, which somehow makes them significantly less black. If you're pretty, best believe it was caused by that drop of irish that entered the family centuries ago. Le sigh.

You guys!! I hope you don't think I'm spamming (and I'm sure many of you have seen the bloggers, youtubers and fotki(ers) that I'm gushing over but this thread topic is one that I'm pretty passionate about (lol) so I'm taking the opportunity to bombard the world with every relevant hair idol I find
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YT: http://www.youtube.com/user/FroStoppa

Miss lady has her hair on point!

So many black women claim to embrace "natural" hair while ignoring the hair type that our race is probably most known for. Others try to completely ignore the existance of non "curly" black hair. Since they have a curl pattern errybody must have a curl pattern. Obviously not the case.
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You're not spamming at all, we need these links! Also, I'm just in awe over how thick her hair is. *lick*

Add me to this list. I alternate wearing my hair natural and relaxed getting really short haircuts usually in summer. The last time I bc'd was 7 years ago. I was looking forward to this bc because of all the new techniques and wonderful products even though I knew I have no curl pattern. And of course, it's been very sobering to accept that these wonderful new products are not going give me the desired effect of some curls.
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I definitely agree that women with my hair texture tend not to go natural. What's sad about that for me is the lack of hair tips, which is why I go to other forums. So those of us who do are really on our own.

I have yet to see my hair twin. My hair is extremely coarse and wiry, like steel wool, even when moisturized. I once went for a consultation because I wanted locs and learned that my hair would not loc naturally and would have to be trained. My husband on the other hand, all he has to do is not comb his hair and it will loc naturally. Because my hair is so dense and at that time so thick, I elected not to do it because it was just too much of a hassle.

I'm 4 weeks into this bc, no cones, no heat. But truthfully, my hair loves heat. It also responds to conditioner and does not knot up on the ends as it grows. But the shrinkage is unreal. But I love wearing my hair short and natural in the summer. To me it looks great.
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I agree completely. We are kinda left out in the dark, huh? I know you haven't found your hair twin yet, but from the sound of it, your hair is very nice. My ends tangle and knot up, no matter what I do. If it's twisted all the way down, moisturized and trimmed, it still acts naughty no matter what. I wish I could wear my hair unstretched at times.