I've been using the pink for a while now and liked it until yesterday. I used SAMY PURE for my co-wash/leave-in for my daily W-N-G and they did not play well together. My PX didn't have anymore pink (or any other for that matter) last night when I went to restock so I thought that I was going to have to spend the whole night trying to fix my hair for work. Then I remembered the Klear that I smuggled from the states when I came to Japan. I had only used it once and I hated the "dirty dishrag" smell of it, the crunchiness and flakes, but kept it because I paid for it. Well this morning, we spoke, and I told
Ms. Krystal Klear that this was her last chance to get right and be good to my Boomshika. Believe it or not, she listened. I used it straight, unmixed on dripping wet freshly co-washed hair, no leave-in. Defused for 5 minutes and scrunched with Oils of Aloha Kukui oil and left it to blow in the wind. My Boomshika is fierce, soft and well defined!
I love me some Ecostyler! All of them work for me (eventhough I'm still working thru the dirty dishrag thing)