Most non-smokers won't gain too much weight if they exercise a bit and don't eat or drink much stuff with sugar or corn syrup in it.

In other words, people generally don't gain a lot of weight unless they live like they were born after WWII.
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That is easy to say but as an ex smoker you find yourself eating to take the place of the smoking-I think it's very natural when you first quit. That said, the weight gain (if kept to 20 lbs or so) is still not as unhealthy as the smoking. I found that my metabolism did 'correct' itself somewhat after I stopped smoking but I did have to work at losing 15 lbs about 6-8 months after quitting smoking.

I have seen the Sensa ads too and have been intrigued because now I have 10-15 lbs extra from my over 45 (almost 50) spread. No matter what I do I am finding this weight very hard to drop no matter what I do.
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