I'm lost! LOL I'm about to say to HADES with the typing because its CONFUSING (and not really that useful!) I thought the difference between 4a and b was S shape vs Z shape? I don't see that as being a big enough difference to really matter. I post most often in 4a because that's where the traffic is LOL According to that faux-chart my hair is 4a but I've got 3c at the nape and random STRAIGHT hairs all over (explain THAT Andre!)
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I know! What's that all about?

I've noticed I have (mostly on the sides) single strands of hair here and there that are much, much longer than the rest of my hair (by at least 3 sometimes 4 inches) that I could actually be classified as very, very loose wavy hair (almost straight for some of them).

At first I thought it might have been hair that got inadvertantly stretched somehow with the whole detangling process but I can spray tons and tons of water on those strands and they won't shrink up and curl down to the curliness of the rest of my hair. It's very weird.

I know it's not heat damage because I haven't put heat on my hair (to straighten or stretch my hair) in years. I use a heat cap sometimes if I'm in a hurry for my prepoo and/or my deep treatment, but for no longer than 30 minutes.

My son is growing his hair out and has a nice, full 'fro going on and I noticed one day after he cleansed his hair and I was helping him to pick it out that he has these same random straight-ish to wavey single strands on his head as well that don't curl up with water (also on the sides of his head).

To top that off, when I went to visit my parents earlier this summer, my mom has a HUGE gray 'fro. It's absolutely gorgeous! I'm trying to talk her into letting me post a picture of it on my Fotki or even on here but she's leery of her pic on the internet...

Anyhoo, I twisted her hair for a twist out and I spotted these same single strands of wavey-straightish hair on her head but hers were more towards the back of her head.

I told her, "So that's where me and Michael (my son) get this from." And we laughed about it. She's just as lost as I am about where the hairs came from and what they're doing on our heads.

In my family instead of SSKs (single strand knots) we have SSWs (single strand waves).

It's so fun, though, playing with and learning more and more about my hair and just hair in general.

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