Well, this is certainly a timely bump! My once orderly household is in upheaval!!!

Not only did the man help himself to an conditioner from my hoard...apparently completely at random without checking ingredients or consulting!...but now he's hiding HIS chocolate from me. OK, so the conditioner was a Suave and he got off with a warning (and I slipped some other conditioners that I need used up in the shower "hint hint"). But the chocolate thing is unacceptable!

AND he bought a Mac. Which is faster, smaller & quieter than my pc. So now I'm frumpy PC Guy. Bitter and babbling about spreadsheets.

As for the dogs, one of them did partially consume the TV remote including batteries ( ), the other specializes in dismembering things with leather. So I find the fabric uppers to my slippers...but the leather soles are MIA.

Mmm. Maybe I should spray the intruding Mac with bacon grease, HA!
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)