I am so sick of your ********! Stop taking me for granted you dumbass and stop putting me off. I am not stupid. I know what you're doing. You were supposed to be here to do that work 5 WEEKS AGO. I PAID you on November 21!!!!!!!!! You were going to start the next day! God. I wish I had never trusted you. It is sad that I can't trust my damned brother, it really is. Every week you tell me you'll start next week, but you don't. Too busy with the drugs, eh? J no longer has any respect for you. Its really really sad and I am so ****ing pissed off about it. You are treating me like ****, and I'm tired of it. I have *****ed and moaned as much as I can. Everyone keeps riding you about it and if you don't start THIS Monday you WILL pay me back for what I paid you for the job PLUS INTEREST. And OMFG, if they sold the stuff we ordered that you never picked up (THAT I DID PAY FOR) I swear to GOD I will take you to court to get my money back. Stop treating me like this is some favor you're doing for me. This is a JOB. I am a CUSTOMER. God. Please grow up. :x