I've been using the Purple Jewel conditioner and love it! It moisturizes my hair really well, makes it feel soft and smells great. Shopper's has had it on sale for the past little while, so I might stock up. I use their leave-in conditioner as well, but might not buy it again only because I think that the Purple Jewel conditioner will suffice. I just got their argan oil treatment, and it made my dry hair super shiny, but I will hold judgment until I've used it for a little longer. It does get quite sticky as it dries, and I don't think I would want to use it while my hair was wet.

All told, I like that this is a Canadian brand, is plant based, doesn't contain sulfates and silicones and is eco-friendly. I've been happy with the products I've used so far and it's really well priced, especially if you can snag some products on sale!
- Colour treated
- 3a curls/fine texture/normal porosity

I'm just getting to really know my hair, and am in the beginning stages of CG. Cheers to that!