I recently purchased sample sizes of the Bee Hold Curly Hair Butter and the Bee Mine Sulfur Free Hair Serum. My hair seems to not have responded well to the combination of oils in the Hair Serum; it left my new growth somewhat hard. My hair seems to respond well to oils used alone, rather than as a blend.

As for the Curly Hair Butter, I don't need to seal with oil when I use this product; it already contains oil. I made the mistake recently of using it followed by coconut oil on my ends, and although the combination made my hair very shiny and soft, but rather greasy and weighted-down. I'm still trying to ascertain if my hair likes glycerin, aloe vera and shea butter, which the Curly Hair Butter contains. So, I am going to try it again to gauge the results. BTW: The Curly Hair Butter won't leave the hair soft, as it is a sealant, and not a water-based product. The first ingredient is unrefined shea butter, and not water. So, naturally, it won't be moisturizing. One would need to use a water-based product prior to using the Curly Hair Butter.
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