My focus has always been healthy hair. Period! I've seen nasty ugly heads of bone straight hair. You can tell when someone takes care of their hair and is using the right products for them.

The typing thing doesn't bother me per se. But what really angers me is people who are so closed-minded and only relate to what they have been conditioned to. This is especially revelant to mothers who ruin their daughters' hair with no-lye relaxers, dry ponytails or styles that grease down the hair and keep the hair follicles clogged.

I've been on gossip blogs and whenever they show Angelina Jolie and her Ethiopian daughter you should read the comments from mostly black women about that child's hair. Just because it's not greased down and plastered to the girl's skull. What they fail to understand is that this little girl will have a head of healthy hair when she comes of age and she can decide on her own what to do with her hair. Meanwhile, girls whose mothers torture their hair with chemicals, too-tight braids and grease will see the potential of really good hair go down the drain.

Honestly, do little girls need straight hair? Shouldn't the be playing and doing the things that make for a good childhood? Girls have all of their adult life to wrestle with haircare. When you're a kid, you should be allowed to be a kid and not feel less just because your hair is kinky.