Yep. It seems like every woman on the internet is a 3c/4a. But I also don't always relate to people who claim 4b. 4b is always described as hard, dry, wiry, coarse, thick, and unmanageable even by people who claim to have it. These traits are not unique or specific to 4b.

It irks me when people act like only 4b hair can have those negative characteristics when any hair type can be coarse, wiry, and unmanageable. My 4b is none of those things. My hair is soft and manageable with medium strands and medium thickness. Always has been.

But yea....4b is the red headed step child of the hair typing system. And no matter how much other hair types exclaim about it's beauty they all breath a sigh of relief when they realize their new growth has a S shaped wave or curl pattern.

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