Alienated - no. It's not their fault they have that type of hair and wish to share their knowledge with anybody who will listen. And if you don't see enough videos of people who look like you...make some! Often times, these youtube channels are ladies figuring it out for the first time! Yes, even the 3bs don't know what to do at first!

the way i see it, everybody has something the other doesn't. No, my hair won't fall down my shoulders, but a 3b will never know what it's like to have a puff or naturally rock an afro. I have to stretch my hair out SO much to get a ponytail, but someone with ringlets can't hold a two strand twist as long as i can (and without product even!)

It's funny really. I've had black people tell me i don't have "kinky" hair, which is hilarious seeing as both my parents are Kenyan...African, people! THE motherland herself! hahaha. I was absolutely baffled. Not only do i consider myself "black" but also "African". both of which are VERY broad terms, but are still a part of my identity.

Someone will always be envious of someone else. Good thread! 'Preciate the thoughts