For the last 1.5 weeks I've had problems with a big section of hair underneath in the back getting all matted and tangled. It actually started on my trip home for the holidays, but I've just developed this really large mass of hair that becomes all tangled together and grows if I don't wash it and try to start over. It looked like a birds nest and is completely underneath so you can't see it just by looking at my hair from the outside. I even got out the detangling comb and went to work when my hair was loaded with One C. I chose not to diffuse, in case that was causing it, and while my hair was good for the first day, it went right back to tangling in that area. When I rewashed the other day, I chose not to detangle with my comb because I could really tell that it pulled out curl last time, so I did the best I could with my fingers while my hair was absorbing Elucence. Yet here I am again with a big, soft mass of tangles underneath in the back. I'm still wearing my hair up in a pineapple when I sleep, although I am not currently using a satin pillowcase since I don't have one here.
The products I've been using in the last 1.5 weeks are Suave conditioners for co-washing, One C or Elucence for conditioning, HESMU or HETT for gels, Recoil, white Boots, and Fructis Soft Curl Cream once. Everything but the HE gels and Soft Curl Cream are regulars for me, and it's my first time trying the gels and cream since I'm just now getting my hands on them to try. But do any of them seem like they could be causing this, or could it really be the change in water or lack of satin pillow case? I know I'm usually tangle-prone, but not like this where I get a huge mass of it in one place.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07