I always wonder why the 4b thread hardly gets any posts over here??? I know I've posted in the 4a section just because its frequented more often and there's a better likelihood of some feedback.
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Thanks for the great blogs AmberBrown!
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I was wondering the exact same thing. I do love how fast and populated that board is, but it's still a bit fishy how this one is practically a ghost town. We can't be the only 4bs on the whole site...can we?

I agree with the comments above. Most days you see like 3b and up being broadcast as natural hair and good acceptable hair. Before seeing my ng, I thought I was 4b and I would always get SO mad when I would see commercials showing light skinned black women with loose curly hair. Like who the Heck is that supposed to represent? We should be represented by someone in the 4s not by biracial blacks that look more "Acceptable". After finding out my hair had a curls pattern, I liked it. My parents/family still call it nappy. Anything 3c and down is nappy in my family's eyes. And I used to get bashed all the time to the point where my self esteem was at an all time low, and I'm usually 99% of the time optimistic. No matter if your 3c 4a 4b, it's all bad hair in ignorant black folks eyes. And when you have good hair, you also get bashed. So I COMPLETLY understand where you come from.
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Spot on about the projection of "acceptable" black people with loose hair. There's nothing wrong with light skin and loose curls at all, but it's kind of disheartening when no one seems to acknowledge that people with tighter curls and darker skin exist.

Also, I can relate with the family not liking your hair thing. My dad always acts disgusted when he sees my natural hair out. While my mom is 100% against relaxers, she still doesn't like hair in its natural state. She even said that when she was pregnant with me, she prayed everyday that I would have "good hair" instead of the 4b curls that I got. She says she didn't pray hard enough. *sigh*

Guess you can't really make anyone happy aside from yourself at the end of the day. Really cheesy, but I'm beginning to believe it's true.

On a side note, what type of hair does your family have? If they have 3c-4b hair as well, then that's pretty hypocritical.
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Their hair ranges from 3c-4b. But it wouldn't matter anyways cause it's all bad in their eyes. And also they "Know" that their hair is bad hair, and don't care too. They just don't want it "out" it's either get it straightened or relaxed, if I don't do either they will ask me what am I going to do with my hair...
Medium/thick/thin strands
medium fine front thick back
deep condish lutrasilk herbal
moisturize with softn nfree milk protein and olive oil[
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