i agree lots of the natural hair companies lean towards other curl patterns. i've stopped buying products from companies that do that. they want the money but then put 4b's in a closet.
i hate that miss jessie's does that. all there before shots and tutorials are designed to make 4b hair look its worst. its why i have never tried their products (the ingredients dont help either).

to be honest i'm 4-something but not sure, and i don't care. i love my lil fro
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I definitely agree with you on this. I stuck my nose in the air and deleted Miss Jessie's site from my favorites when I saw what they were doing.

I've noticed the trend we're talking about in this thread too. I'll see someone who is so excited and happy they have curlier hair than they thought.

I am a beauty school drop out and I can say that 4b hair is the best hair to style because it will hold any style you put it into. You can do anything from completely straight to a fro and rock it. My peers skipped over my 3c counterparts when it was time to take exams. They wanted my hair.

I've figured out how to work with my natural 4b hair in a relatively short amount of time. I'm still transitioning but the back of my hair is fully natural because I had a cut that was shorter in the back so that part grew out first. Kimmaytube on youtube had a great conditioner recipe that I use which makes even the bushiest of my ends do what I want it to do.

I love my hair and wouldn't trade it.