I registered today just to respond to this thread.

I am not into the hair typing thing but if I had to choose I would say that I am a 4b. However, based on Andre Walker's classification system I would be a 4a. When wet my hair curls up into tiny spirals/ringlets. However, due to the huge amount of shrinkage, it is hard to see the curl definition unless you look closely this is why I would class myself as a 4b.

I have a patch of hair that is at the nape of my head which is a totally different texture to the rest. It does'nt shrink as much as the rest and the curls are a lot more looser. Based on Andre's classification system I would say that the patch is a 3c. That silky patch annoys me immensely.....

When I wear my hair in twists (my favourite hairstyle) the back of my hair often comes undone. The tighter curls hold the twists really well but the looser curls are always slipping out. It's so frustrating.... just yesterday I prayed to God to make that patch like the rest of my hair because it is irritating me so much.

Therefore, I understand when 3c ladies complain about the 4b patch that they have. It is'nt easy to work with two completely different textures. Different hair textures work well with different styles. My 3c patch would work better with wash and go styles, while the rest of my hair works best with twists. So it is really inconvenient to have two very different textures.