I agree with dearheart and the others about posting in 4a because of the chance of getting a response is greater.

I am 4b also, but thought at one point that I was 4a. It could be that people are 'misdiagnosing' their curls like I did. It was kinda hard to understand the curl thing without seeing an actual head in front of me (pics aren't always easy to see). I'm learning to love the hair that I was created with, regardless of curls or the lack there of. I actually have spirals, but they are soooo tiny, they get lost in manipulation when I'm doing my hair! And as for combating dryness and such, I've done LOTS of reading from a few boards! My friends can't believe how soft and manageable my hair is! Frequent washing/Cowashing, DC,leave-ins and moisturizers are gold!!
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I agree with you. I think there are a lot more 4b's out there that are misdiagnosing their curls thinking they are 4a. To this day, I don't what I am. I actually cant tell the difference between 4a/4b. It all seems the same to me. On some days I have no curl, and on other days I have tightly coiled lil springy curls. But for the most part you can't "see" my curls from far away. You would have to be really close up on my hair.

I also think that a lot of 4b's chemically treat and alter their hair to a 4a state and that's also why they are claiming 4a/3c...You all are definitely right about not seeing a lot of 4b's because they are most likely to relax.

I have noticed with my hair, when I first went natural, I didn't have any curl pattern at all. Then as I started DC and Co-washing I had more curls. That's when I was like maybe I am 4a...But still I don't think it's much of a different.

PS-I'm not a big fan of Miss Jessies products anymore either. They are so heavy and just make my hair feel dirty and dry. Not a good combo
4a-4b hair. Not sure yet so I'll just say both!