4b ladies have it so much easier with the variety of styles. I have 4a hair and getting it into twists can be hard. When I twist, there are spaces in between. 4b hair is so thick and lush and any style can be done. Hence, my staple styles are buns and WnGs. The grass is not always greener on the other side. 4b ladies should be proud and also post on this board alot. That would encourage other 4bs to gather and share their experiences here as well.
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We all have pro's and con's of our hair. However, 4a's may not be able to twist as well, but their hair will braid alot better. As a 4b my hair hates being braided. It only knots it up. But twists are my best friend.
4a-4b hair. Not sure yet so I'll just say both!