Coppola is DEF wash and wear...that junk wears off really quickly. The stronger treatment my stylist used in my hair called Donna Bella Perla is still hanging strong...the bkt's I've done on top of my Donna Bella w/coppolla wear off...but the Donna Bella Perla Hair is still hanging in there and I did it back in early June. My roots, even after several applications of the Coppolla are still a much tigher curl than the rest of my DBP BKT...weird...

Also, you use QOD max/gold, right? How strong are the fumes?
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Yes, Max for the full-heads and most of the root apps, then Gold for the last 3 root apps. I still believe that Max is just as effective as Gold. I don't have a point of reference for the fume strength, but I don't even use a fan when I do my roots...just the overhead bathroom fan and open the bathroom window. When I do the full head, I use a big floor fan and direct it at across my face during the blow drying segment. They can make my eyes burn somewhat fiercely if I aim the blow dryer the wrong way, but not badly enough that would ever discourage me from doing the BKT. But, hey...apparently I'm willing to risk cancer to have manageable hair...that should show you the level of my commitment...or the depth of my crazy!

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