I have not tried Jessicurl yet but I would recommend u switch up ur shampoo and condish, or use urs less often to prevent oil overload. I've used Aveda's Retexurizing gel (cone free, but has proteins), and really liked it. The RR might just not be enough hold for you, so you could put a gel over it to provide better clumping. I've also found that if I rake product thru my hair, as Jessi demonstrates, I wind up w/ skinnier, less defines curls. I first smooth product over my canopy, and then scrunch the rest in (all w/ head upside down for root definition and volume).

I would give ur products a little more time b-4 u give up, because sometimes ur hair freaks out when u stop using silicones on it, and it takes a couple weeks for it to transition. I know mine went thru a very fuzzy and stringy stage. Now, thankfully it is shinier and less frizzy then it has ever been.