I got my hair done December 2008. 2 Touch ups per year. The roots can be a pain when they grow back however I am lazy and do not like dealing with my hair so it was worth it. I have very curly hair, not really sure what type, but humidity and I did not get along. When my hair was curly and dried the volume would be enormous. While I miss my curls at times, this just seems easier for the moment. Maybe one day I will let the curl back, but for now just enjoying wash and go.

Good luck!
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I had my hair done about three years ago. I have very very thick curly long hair (past my waist when wet). I was so extremely satisfied with my hair after. It was wavy not curly, manageable not at all frizzy. The grow out was minimal 5 min a day maintenance as opposed to the time it usually takes. I had it done on Tuesday again and the results r amazing. I already washed dried and ironed my thick long hair in under 20 min. This treatment changed my life! Love to blow-dry or wash and go! I do suggest you not look for a cheap salon. You get what u pay for! Good luck curly friends!