If there's one thing I'll take away from living with my roommate it's that I could never be with a man who isn't self-sufficient. When the tub has been clogged, I've taken care of it. Recently it happened again, I told him what to do (as in, do not use Drano, for god's sake, and what to use to remove the clog), he had two days off, and still he did nothing. Finally his solution was to tell the landlady.
I'm no ****ing expert on plumbing, but unclogging the tub isn't exactly rocket science. When in doubt, the internet is your friend. See problem, take care of problem. If taking care of the problem involves getting someone else, fine, but otherwise, I've got a brain, I've got two hands, I can figure it the **** out.
It's just like saying he wanted to learn how to cook but then buying cardboard-like frozen pancakes. "Well, gee, I didn't know we had all the ingredients here." If you cared, you'd find out.
For your own good, you'd find out how to cook the basic things at least, instead of ordering takeout every single day of your life.
And aside from having hands and a brain, you also have eyes. Some things are fairly obvious and you shouldn't need anyone to tell you to do them.
Part of it is my job, I suppose. You depend on yourself first and foremost. You go in needing help, but you keep working so that you get to a point where you can make it on your own, even if you still know when to ask for help. But you have a problem, you solve it. You ****ing figure **** out.
I already have to tell way too many lazy people at work what to do, have to endure their refusal to make use of their common sense, to then come home and have to deal with the same nonsense.

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