I'm about to finish watching Korean drama Pasta (on Hulu), and it's cute and funny, with beautiful food. But man, all the nonsense that goes on about how a kitchen runs is ridiculous! Everything from them just standing while the chef reads every ticket (including the table number, WTF), the assistant getting every single thing (so these cooks don't learn mise en place, it seems), to the fact that they seemingly have the most absurdly long menu known to man (my stint at Alta, with its menu would not compare, heck only Kenny Shopsin could compete ). But the three most annoying aspects?

For the love of God, put the pan down! Things need to actually cook. And no, making proper pasta is not influenced by your ability to shake the pan.
Two, why in the hell are you flipping that meat/those scallops/those vegetables right after you put them in the pan or on the flat-top, with no decent crust formation whatsoever?!
And finally, unless you are flambeing something, there would be tons of food going in the garbage because of all the times you set the food ablaze in the pan. Seriously, nobody bothered to research what poor technique that is, and how unacceptable it is?