Yesterday I went to a wedding where the bride, an accomplished potter, had a table of cups we were to chose a cup from, reserving it by affixing a strip of tape to it.

It was an all day wedding, my GF and I went back to her place so she could bake a pear tart to bring for after the catered reception. When we arrived back, both our cups were gone!

Later, we spotted my cup, which was a blue glaze decorated with etchings of cnidarians.

Even later, we found out it was the groom's mom who stole it! I had been and continued to give her "the eye". I wanted to approach her and say, "My, my cup goes well with your bracelet!"

She held tight to it for an hour or two, eventually asking her husband for the keys to the car and returning without the cup. She knew someone would unsteal it for me.