Are any of you ladies also taking a multi along with the Nourish hair?

I currently take:

Biotin- 2500 mcg (Mon and Thurs only)
Centrum Multi (daily)
Super B complex (daily)
Omega 3-6-9 (daily)

and just recently Collagen + C (I only take 3 daily right now but the label says to take 3 twice a day)

I am still breastfeeding (my baby is 9 mos old) so I'm trying not to take too much of anything. When I wean him, I think I may consider the Nourish hair vits. I took them about 2 yrs ago but I was trying so many things back then I really don't know if they worked or not.
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Gorgeous Hair! I just viewed on of your fotki albums.

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