I have a fear and loathing of back boobage. It took me months to get over that P.o.W. pic.

I don't think I'll ever totally forget it.
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at least you don't have armpit fat...
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Armpit fat is a migration of breast tissue. If you get a properly fitting bra you can sort of "tuck in" the armpit fat, and it will eventually migrate back to where it needs to go.
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no its there when the bra is off, not as bad though but its still there like a little roll of fat. makes no sense and I hate it!!!

Skank du jour

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Girly girl does have some NICE legs though!

Oh, whoops, I meant, womany woman has some nice legs.
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DON'T SHE THOUGH! look at them muscles, makes me wanna print this out and hang it on my mirror.