Washed my hair with sulfate free shampoo and used the BB mask kept on for 5 min or so. my hair is dry dry dry and very coarse feeling on the ends. Wondering if the poo I used stripped the BB from my hair. Not happy with my curl formation used to have small spiral curls. Well no longer. Very loose curls if any and more wavy.
I'm thinking BB was a definite waste of money But of course where I live cant find sodium and sulfate free shampoo's or conditioners. I hate living in the boonies. Ok sorry I digress and will stop complaining. I feel like I'm starting over again with my hair. It wasnt that bad with the no cones modified CG routine...someday I'll learn and leave well enough alone!!!
I dont know how to upload pics so you can see. If anyone can help with that I'll be glad to share before and after pics.
Hair type 3A/B,
texture- fine
porosity- low.....except end but think thats from the damage.