I love online window shopping! it helps me figure out what I want to add to my closet.

I really like wetseal, forever21, and charlotte russe for trendier stuff that won't last as long, and the websites are super easy to use. I have long searched for an h&m website, but I just can't find one in english. I go to anthropologie to drool over clothes I can't afford and on j.crew sometimes, but that's just for belts.

my lord, I think I have a problem.
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I like AE for jeans, tanks, and graphic tees. Target has plain v-neck tees that hold up well. I also like their skirts and jackets. And I just got a lovely flannel plaid shirt there...I'm going back for some more in different colors . Aeropostale has decent camis/tanks. I used to like H&M, but we don't have one nearby.....

Oh! And Aeropostale's Curvy Hailey jeans are nice if you have a large booty....They also cuff well if you cuff you jeans in the fall/winter.
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I need new pants. and I have a coupon for them and I have a big butt!
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They have Curvy Haileys, Curvy Baylas, and Curvy Chelseas, which are flares, skinnies, and bootcut, respectively.

The only problem is that they can be a pain to find in-store. You may have to try a few different stores to find them...or you could just order them.
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