I've stayed away from american eagle because their stuff is skin-tight on me and I'm super uncomforable with my tummy. That's the reason I don't like abercrombie and hollister either, their sizes run small and my tummy needs room to breathe!

have you guys already done back-to-school shopping?
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I've done some, but the AE nearest us was out of the length I need in jeans, so I'm ordering those and a few shirts. I have a couple other shirts, and really all I need now is a jacket and a new purse.....cause there's NO FREAKING WAY all of my books and my computer will fit in my backpack. Ergh.

I can't even walk past Abercrombie/Hollister in the mall because of all of the icky perfume. And I think it's kinda weird that you think AE's stuff is tight. I always thought they ran a bit big....
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