Well, I had a lot of that (and I'm 24) but that's what growing up in the Caribbean will do to ya and I loved every freaking minute.

What I wouldn't give to play "mother may I" and "Red light, green light, 1,2,3"

Sigh, the good ole days.
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Tbh, I'm so sick of phones sometimes.

These days everyones OBSESSED WITH phones, if you don't answer the phone people immediately expect you to be dead and gone.

I'm like DUDE, WHEN WE WERE 12/13 WE DIDN'T HAVE CELL PHONES, WHEN I WANTED TO CALL SOMEONE I CALLED THEIR HOUSE PHONE AND IF THEY DIDN'T ANSWER THEN, OH WELL! It didn't mean they died, they were probably on the internet with dial up HA!

Or EVEN when you don't answer a text, someone will text you with a "HELLO ARE YOU ALIVE!?" I was in the shower, or the phone was in another room, chill the f**k out.