you can have your parting changing directions all the way down your head if you want
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I do this! I never actually part my hair; I just scrunch in gel upside down and flip up and wherever the hair goes, that's where it stays I get much more body and lift at the roots if I don't mess with it.

I don't have bangs, but I agree you can have a center part and sideswept bangs in front of that!
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When I try that, I still end up with a middle part.

I just got side-swept bangs cut less than a week ago, so I'm still playing with them. I like them so far, and I sometimes do a middle part behind them, so it's totally possible.
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Did you just ask for side swept bangs? did they cut it at an angle? Do you straighten?

I dont really part my hair either, I do the flip and scrunch thing and see where it lies. Ive tried parting on the side just to switch things up but it just didnt look right, one side was alot bigger

Do you think it will take training for my hair to fall to the side like that, or will the cut itself kinda force it over...
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