I'm not sure why, but that reminded me of this:

flashback city.
Good ol' Zayres.
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Woah, flashback city is right!! I used the love Zayres!! What a name, where on earth did they get it from? And you ALWAYS had to add the S on the end or you weren't saying it right!!

There was this pair of jeans with pink suspenders attached that I pined over every time we went in there. Finally, they went on the clearance rack and mom got them for me!! SCORE!! I don't know why I remember that so vividly, but I can still see the clothing racks and the part of town the store was in.
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That's hilarious! You definitely had to add the S.
Zayre? What the heck is Zayre?
It's Zayres!

Which is weird, because I never said Kmarts. And I don't say Targets.

I always remember us having those big brown plastic crinkly zayres bags. and for some reason they were always sitting around the house filled with yarn. I think that's when my mom got into crocheting.
ok, rambling... I'm rambling..

I had a pair of jeans with pink suspenders!!!! We probably got them from zayres. They were light blue and the suspenders were pink, with some sort of design on them I think. flowers or something?
how bizarre.
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