I had a pair of jeans with pink suspenders!!!! We probably got them from zayres. They were light blue and the suspenders were pink, with some sort of design on them I think. flowers or something?
how bizarre.
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Freaky! Yes, the jeans were light blue and the suspenders pink with some sort of design on them. How weird would it be if we had the same outfit?

My hubbies grandmother always called it K-mark and Wal-mark. I have NO idea why she put a K on the end of those, but it always cracked me up. I do sometimes say "We're goin to the wal-marts" just being silly.
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Kmark? lol. That sounds like something my dad would say.

I found a picture of those pants. I knew I just saw that pic not too long ago. Check it out:

Check out my thumb in my belt loop, y'know for that added nonchalant coolness.

You can't see it but I swear the zipper on those pants are like a foot long. Old pants look so bizarre. Now, all my pants zippers are like an inch and a half long.
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