So, last year I tried two new stylists....both of whom butchered my hair after I'd spent the previous two years growing it out, thank you very much. The 2nd stylist said she knew point cutting, but her technique wasn't point cutting as described in the CG book. She did cut individual clumps of hair, but instead of snipping the ends at an angle, she held her scissors parallel to the clump and snipped randomly into it, making the ends rather ragged. The first time she did it, it actually helped my hair lay better, but by my last visit at the end of November, my hair was getting stringier and wasn't clumping well at all. She also used thinning shears when she had me turned away from the mirror after I specifically told her not to!

Two days ago, I decided to trim my own hair (as in the CG book) as best I could to try to get rid of some of the raggedy ends. I probably took off anywhere from 1/4" to as much as 1 1/2" in some places. It actually turned out pretty well, and my hair is already clumping much better. The problem is that because of the technique she was using and because she used the dratted thinning shears, it's going to take a while to truly grow out and get rid of the raggedy-ness. I don't want to take off too much at once since I really don't know what I'm doing! So, my question is how long should I wait in between trims? A week? A month?