Thanks everyone for your feedback!

I've used various Aveda products for over 20 years, so using something different feels a bit scary to me! The Aveda Sap Moss stuff I was using before is quite CG friendly. It did seem to make my hair feel a bit greasy if I didn't shampoo every day. The one cone in the Confixor is a PEG one, so I think that means it is water-soluable. Maybe if I go back to them, I can better observe how my hair behaves in comparison to the Jessicurl.

Today I used the Jessicurl HCC and TS, but no gel of any kind. My hair is still a bit wet, but so far I have the usual curls. However, some strands of hair seem to be poking up by themselves. Does that count as frizz?

I hear that Aveda has a whole line of Be Curly products now. They all contain wheat protein. If I can figure out if I'm sensitive to protein or not, then I can figure out if they are an option for me. I have tried the Be Curly styling cream, and it did make my hair curlier.