I gave away some products about a month ago, and all I was asking was reimbursement for S&H. I got stiffed. So, I won't be giving away freebies in the future on this board.
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how were you supposed to be paid? you should have had them paypal you and only shipped after you saw the money in your account.
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You should post their names on here!!!! SHAME on them!!! You can't be too trusting with people, always assume the worst. Don't let them get away with it and set up your paypal acct.
2B waves/ fine-med texture/normal porosity( I think?) trying to figure out my protein needs

AOGPB, SS Caitlins, Garnier Body Boost Condish
CJ Daily Fix or KC Come Clean
CJ Curl Fix is true LOVE
Love all SS products
Donna Marie Miragelly & my own FSG
AG MousseGel