After much searching on here for the best curly stylist, I just got back from an appointment with Teri at The Strand. I live in Fort Lauderdale, and I thought I'd give her a try. I'm new to CG (2 months) and was very nervous.

First, Teri is *incredibly* nice. The very first thing she did when I sat down was to ask me to tell her everything about my hair. I tried to condense everything I've learned from this site into just a few minutes---which is NOT possible. She complimented the health of my hair (shocking, as I just colored it last week) She said I needed to grow out my bangs a little, and that a little layering & face-framing would help me. I didn't want to lose much length, and she said I really only needed an inch off the ends. It's been at least 5 months since I last had a cut, so I was surprised.

Then I mentioned a 'dry cut', and she said she didn't do dry cuts. She said that if I had tighter curls, it would be good for me, but wavy hair really needs a wet cut. I was surprised, as I assumed (my fault) that she did dry cuts). I told her I was CG, and didn't use shampoo. She told me she really didn't understand the 'no poo' thing. She does use sulfate-free products, but doesn't know what the 'no poo' people are talking about. I showed her the products I brought with me (DevaCare No Poo, One-C, and ArcAngel---I let them use their products anyway). Teri wasn't familiar with the Deva line. I told her they were made by the lady who literally wrote the book on curly hair, and she nodded. So she must know about Lorraine??

Now I'm a little nervous, but she's *so nice*, non-threatening, and made me feel so comfortable. She didn't sound like she'd be doing crazy stuff to my hair. I'd driven an hour to see her, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

There was lather (*gasp*) in whatever the girl used to wash my hair. I suppressed my urge to be anal-retentive and ask to read the ingredients. I will choose just to pretend that 10 minutes never happened. We will never mention it again....

The combing of my hair was a bit rougher than I would have liked. I have very tangly hair & I'm not sensitive-headed. It didn't hurt, but I lose a LOT of hair, and I've worked hard to get it healthy. Teri commented that I lost alot of hair & might want to consider seeing a doctor for it. Been there & done that, but she has a point & I'll follow up on it.

The cut was super-quick. She was thorough, and did just what she said she would. She used some AG Recoil curl cream in it (my request after seeing so many comments on this site). There was minimal scrunching. Seriously. At home I scrunch a reeeediculous amount. I asked about root clipping. She didn't know what I was talking about. I asked how she got root lift. Teri said she just scrunches the roots as it dries or ruffles it with her fingers. I took some pics when I got home pre- and post-scrunch. I've posted them below. It's overall not very curly at all. The roots are very flat/straight. I will post more soon when I've styled it myself.

She suggested I just see if I like the Recoil & decide later if I want to buy it. She said not to ever let anyone push products that you haven't tried. I really appreciated that, and I told her that enough people on here love it, and I'd like to get some for myself anyway. We talked about 'cones & she said she didn't understand why so many curlies didn't want products with cones. I explained that it coats our hair & that we're not using products that can remove them. She said we 'need' something to coat our hair, or otherwise it will be frizzy. Hmmmm......

What I liked: I know I said it a couple times before, but she's fantastically nice. Completely genuine. The cut was really inexpensive ($30)

What I didn't like: wet cut, products used (although I feel certain they would have used the ones I brought if I asked), lack of knowledge about CG & some of the techniques.

I feel badly writing anything negative about her. As I called my husband on the way home, he asked how I liked it. I was overall disappointed that I wasn't 'WOWed' like some people are on here after a 'curly' cut. I'd hoped she would be more on the CG bandwagon. However, she did minimal change to my hair. The ends are now healthy, and I wasn't butchered. No excitement, but I wasn't crying either. It was just ...meh... for me. I will only return if I cannot find a CG dry-cut stylist.

What you should know: they are a cash or check only place. If you decide to purchase product, it is billed separately by the store. Example: I had a cut by Teri & bought Ag Recoil. I wrote a check to Teri for the cut and a check to the store for product.

HTH! I <3 you guys!
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