Thanks for posting the review. I hope more local people write reviews, no matter who they visit. And thanks super much for the pics. Great follow-up review.

Teri is not CG, so she's not into the Curly Girl thing. I do think she should bone up on it, just cause she is reviewed here and she is curly herself. I let her use her stuff when I go there, though I do ask for sulfate free poos if available. I use the Re:coil line (all of it on some days) and I'm not strict CG (I'm mod-CG and occasionally use 'cones), so her system doesn't bother me as I lowpoo.

I do find I'm curlier when *I* style it. I do take my own floursack towels with me (the salon uses terry cloth standard towels) and my own laminate tube for glazing. And last time, I took my own gel (a tester I loved).

I find my hair looks really good after visiting her twice (only one trim, though, as she said I didn't need one in June). It grew out really nice. Looks better now in August than the trim in April as the layers grew out really attractively.

BTW, might wanna try Salon Vaso if you haven't already. That's one on my list to try someday if I don't feel like the long haul drive to Pinecrest to Teri. I'd ask for Vaso herself, though, just to make sure. That's who I want to try just to see how she does, as she has a lot of curly recommendations online. I really hate going to South Beach. Not my vibe. I'm a bookworm otaku churchy matron, not a bikini glamour club gal type.

As far as dry cut CG style, the GBS salons do that (Coral Gables, Ft Laud, Aventura). One is near my house, but I am suspicious of the dry cut on me. I'd only let Struttswife do it, and that would mean driving to the other coast.

Do post with pics if you get it done and review. I'm sure many local CGs would love to find a great dry-cutter. (Oh, and blubutterfly did post pics and a review of her dry CG cut.)

Thanks again...
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