Hi ladies,
Just joined the site and glad I found this place. Saw your post MirCurls and had to take a look since I'm in Pembroke Pines, FL and have been to Salon Vaso. Looks like you got a nice cut with Terri and I think you did well because I was underwhelmed with my cut at Salon Vaso.

Vaso herself was very nice and I know she gets a lot of good reviews. Maybe I caught her on a bad day, but my haircut ended up being a basic trim without any shaping. She cut my hair wet (not an issue for me) and twirled sections with her fingers before drying a little bit with a diffuser. It was OK, but not fabulous and once it grew out it was kinda shapeless. FYI: I haven't posted a pic on my profile yet, but my hair is between 3a and 3b. Kind of like Blu Butterfly's (beautiful pix!), but shoulder length.

The Vaso cut was $75, which is more than I like to pay, especially for a cut that's just OK. The salon itself is nice, although it's definitely got the South Beach vibe with trendy decor, coffee and wine (yes wine) offered on the side and lots of beautiful people. The people who work there are nice though.

Anyway, that was my experience. I'm thinking of trying the Ouidad salon on Las Olas next. We'll see.