Why are people so inconsiderate? We all have jobs/lives but if you put an item up for sale why is it such a problem for you to follow through??? I've done book swaps and swapped on makeup alley and it's nothing like what I've encountered here. I had a pkg. all ready to go but was missing a small detail on shipping. The person kept me hanging for DAYS only to reply that they "changed their mind" WTF??? Have some consideration! Not to mention the numerous times I've PM'd to inquire about an item and not even get the decency of a reply.

The only good swap I've had so far is with kathy mac.
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sorry this happened to you

For the most part, I've had great swaps on here and I do a lot of swapping. Once in a while I get a flaky one and yes it's annoying. I had a recent swapper who wanted me to send her pkg. to "AB" no full name? I thought that was odd and so I asked her to please send me her full name because I was getting a paypal error trying to send it that way. She didn't reply until many days later and suddenly changed her mind too. I wonder if it's the same person

Very Weird